Alleghany Inn

Easy to find, hard to leave!


Located in Sparta, just 4 miles

from the New River and 7 miles

from the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Click for more information

or to make a reservation


The Shoppes at Farmers

661 West King St

Boone, NC 28607



A truly unique shopping

experience in the heart of

historic downtown Boone.

We feature a wide variety

of merchandise including: jewelry,

handbags, totes, footwear,

apparel, baby gifts, handcrafts

home décor, furniture

toys, r/c drones, kitchenwear,

and much more. Park behind the

store for Free!





Jim Armstrong

Subaru of Hickory



When you visit our Hickory new

and used Subaru car dealership

your satisfaction is our primary



We have been a Subaru

dealer for over 31 years.


If you value low prices and variety

of high-quality vehicles,

Jim Armstrong Subaru is the

first & last place you will need

to shop for a new or used car

Click here

to shop our inventory







 Purchase any

iComfort or 

iComfort Hybrid 

Mattress and get the

Matching Boxspring 

For Free!

Save up to $300


Blackberry Creek


Footsloggers Blowing Rock...

Your Outdoor Headquarters

Since 1971

For all kinds of weather and

through every season,

Footsloggers offers the finest in

apparel, equipment and

footwear for every outdoor setting.

921 Main St. Blowing Rock


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 Regional Roundup for August 19, 2017

StationTempHighLowWind SpeedWind GustPrecpLast Update
Asheville Not Reporting
Asheville Airport84.9 °F84.9 °F64.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Asheville UNCA87.3 °F87.5 °F63.2 °FWSW @ 2 mph2 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Black Mountain82.9 °F83.2 °F61 °FSW @ 0 mph9 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Weaverville84.3 °F85 °F62.5 °FN @ 0 mph5 mph0.01 in3:50 pm
Jefferson79.1 °F79.7 °F61.5 °FESE @ 0 mph5 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Laurel Ridge78.3 °F78.5 °F64.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Phillips Gap78.7 °F79.3 °F63.8 °FWSW @ 0 mph4 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Warrensville80.8 °F81.8 °F59.3 °FW @ 0 mph1 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
West Jefferson81 °F81.8 °F61.1 °FSSE @ 2 mph6 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Banner Elk79.8 °F79.8 °F56.3 °FNNW @ 2 mph4 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Beech Mountain70.5 °F71.2 °F56.2 °FW @ 0 mph2 mph0.00 in3:49 pm
Crossnore Not Reporting
Elk River East Not Reporting
Elk River West74.8 °F74.8 °F74.8 °FWSW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Linville78.3 °F79 °F60.2 °FW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Linville Ridge74.3 °F76.7 °F58.7 °FE @ 0 mph5 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Newland86.5 °F86.5 °F56.5 °FNE @ 2 mph8 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Seven Devils79.5 °F79.6 °F58.4 °FE @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in3:50 pm
Sugar Mountain74 °F75.6 °F58.2 °FNE @ 3 mph7 mph0.00 in3:58 pm
Sugar Mountain Top Not Reporting
Aho-Sorrento76 °F76.5 °F61 °FW @ 2 mph3 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Appalachian Ski Mtn76.1 °F76.3 °F61.3 °FSSE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Blackberry77.1 °F81.4 °F61.1 °FSSE @ 1 mph1 mph0.01 in4:00 pm
Blowing Rock76.8 °F77.2 °F63.2 °FSSW @ 3 mph4 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Boone78.1 °F80.3 °F62.9 °FSW @ 2 mph10 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Deep Gap80.3 °F80.3 °F57.8 °FESE @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in4:03 pm
Foscoe80.9 °F81.4 °F58.1 °FNE @ 3 mph5 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Grandfather Vyd81.4 °F81.4 °F56.2 °FENE @ 3 mph5 mph0.01 in3:49 pm
Powder Horn Mountain81.8 °F83.1 °F65.6 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:49 pm
RedTail Mountain84.6 °F84.8 °F63.4 °FWNW @ 0 mph5 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Rutherwood75.3 °F76.2 °F61.3 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in4:04 pm
Seven Devils79 °F79.6 °F58.4 °FE @ 2 mph2 mph0.01 in4:00 pm
Sky Valley74 °F74.7 °F61.1 °FS @ 1 mph3 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Snake Mountain Not Reporting
Valle Crucis80.3 °F81.6 °F60.4 °FNNW @ 4 mph4 mph0.01 in3:48 pm
Watauga High77.3 °F79.1 °F60.4 °FSW @ 0 mph1 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Zionville79.1 °F79.8 °F59 °FNW @ 4 mph4 mph0.01 in4:00 pm
Burnsville (Hawk Branch)80.5 °F81.1 °F59 °FENE @ 0 mph1 mph0.02 in3:50 pm
Galax82.2 °F83.2 °F62.4 °FNW @ 2 mph3 mph0.00 in3:49 pm
Independence81.2 °F81.6 °F60.3 °FE @ 0 mph2 mph0.00 in3:50 pm
Twin Co. Airport79 °F79 °F63.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:48 pm
Floydfest78.1 °F78.3 °F63.1 °FNNE @ 4 mph6 mph0.01 in4:04 pm
Galax83.1 °F83.2 °F62.4 °FNW @ 2 mph4 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Independence81.9 °F81.9 °F60.3 °FS @ 2 mph3 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Whitetop75.9 °F76.7 °F57.3 °FWNW @ 4 mph9 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Asheville Airport82.9 °F82.9 °F64.9 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:00 pm
Hendersonville82.6 °F83.7 °F65.1 °FN @ 0 mph1 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Hickory Not Reporting
Hickory Airport87.1 °F87.1 °F71.1 °FN @ 6 mph6 mph0.05 in4:00 pm
Blackberry77.4 °F81.4 °F61.1 °FSSE @ 1 mph2 mph0.01 in4:04 pm
Lenoir91.4 °F92.1 °F67.6 °FSSW @ 0 mph2 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Morganton-Lenoir Airport86.5 °F86.5 °F65.3 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Old Fort Not Reporting
Bakersville83 °F83.2 °F59 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.01 in4:04 pm
Spruce Pine82.4 °F83.8 °F61.2 °FNNE @ 0 mph3 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Morganton Not Reporting
Morganton-Lenoir Airport86.5 °F86.5 °F65.3 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
RedTail Mountain84.6 °F84.8 °F63.4 °FWNW @ 0 mph5 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Laurel Ridge78.3 °F78.5 °F64.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Roaring Gap77.4 °F78.7 °F64.4 °FWNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:04 pm
Sparta80.8 °F83.9 °F63.3 °FNNW @ 0 mph4 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
North Surry87.1 °F87.5 °F65 °FENE @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Surry Co. Airport87.1 °F87.1 °F67.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Waynesville85.2 °F85.8 °F58.3 °FNNE @ 2 mph6 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
Laurel Ridge78.3 °F78.5 °F64.1 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:59 pm
North Wilkesboro84.1 °F86.1 °F66.9 °FNW @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Phillips Gap78.6 °F79.3 °F63.8 °FWSW @ 1 mph4 mph0.00 in3:58 pm
Roaring River Not Reporting
Wilkes Airport86 °F86 °F64.4 °FN @ 0 mph0 mph0.00 in3:36 pm
Wolf Laurel83 °F85.3 °F58.1 °FSW @ 1 mph6 mph0.00 in4:00 pm
Wytheville82.2 °F82.3 °F60.2 °FSW @ 4 mph8 mph0.01 in4:00 pm