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Roaring River , NC
Station located at Roaring River Elementary School

Forecast Last Updated at Monday, August 10, 2020 at 1:19PM

Getting Back Into It

After an interlude of somewhat drier air this past weekend, humidity levels will start to creep back up from here. With the increase in humidity, comes an increase in atmospheric instability that will once again result in an increasing frequency of PM showers and thunderstorms as we move through the week. Temperatures will remain a little bit warmer than normal through the period.

Western NC felt a M5.1 earthquake Sunday at 8:07 AM. The center of the event was almost 2 miles SE of Sparta NC. Here's the USGS live report about the event. This earthquake was preceded by eight smaller quakes beginning Saturday morning near the same location. It was the second strongest earthquake ever recorded in NC; only a 1916 event in Buncombe County was stronger (M5.2). Many buildings and a few roads in Alleghany County were damaged and minor damage has been reported in the 50 mile radius of the quake. The quake was felt from New England to Mississippi..


Hi: 87 Lo: 66

Mostly sunny; Widely-separated PM showers or thundershowers; Very warm afternoon; Light & variable wind

Hi: 87 Lo: 67

Sunshine then more afternoon clouds; Pop-up PM shower or thunderstorm; Rather hot; Light & variable wind

Hi: 87 Lo: 67

Some sun early then mostly cloudy; Scattered PM showers and thundershowers; Light SE wind

Hi: 86 Lo: 67

Partly sunny with a good chance for afternoon showers & thunderstorms

Hi: 85 Lo: 67

Partly sunny; PM showers & thunderstorms are likely

Further Out

Saturday - Partly sunny with good coverage of PM showers & thunderstorms; High in the mid 80s; Low in the upper 60s
Sunday - Partly sunny with scattered PM thunder once again; High in the mid 80s; Low in the upper 60s

Forecast Discussion

The air mass is in the process of humidifying after we enjoyed some brief drying over the weekend. Initially, we think shower and thunderstorm activity will be few-and-far between today and Tuesday before ramping-up quite a bit for the remainder of the workweek.

There will be two weather map features to watch this week: One will be the Bermuda High as it becomes better established, serving to transport Gulf and Atlantic moisture into the Southeast States. Second will be a frontal zone that will become draped from the Ohio Valley eastward to the Mid-Atlantic coast.

The front’s not coming through here this week. However, moisture pooling along and south of the boundary will serve as a focus for scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms around western North Carolina. This rainfall coverage will be accentuated during the afternoon and evening hours, but not necessarily limited to them.


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