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NWS Flood Watch (Wilkes County)

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Roaring River , NC
Station located at Roaring River Elementary School

Forecast Last Updated at Wednesday, October 28, 2020 at 6:26AM

Zeta Rain, Wind Impacts Coming

Clouds thicken with rain becoming likely today. Heavier rain arrives tonight and during the first half of Thursday, courtesy of the inland path of the Hurricane Zeta remnants. There will be some gusty winds Thursday morning as Zeta passes just to our west. Rainfall amounts of 1-3 inches are likely. Once we get Zeta out of the way, much cooler air arrives in the storm’s wake for Friday and Halloween. Skies will become mostly clear.

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Hi: 68 Lo: 62

Mostly cloudy; Rain becoming likely late; Rain could become heavy at times tonight; Light south wind becoming 5-10 mph at night

Hi: 77 Lo: 48

Heavy rain early; Some afternoon sunshine breaking through & warm; Windy with south wind 10-20 mph gusting over 30 early; NW 5-10 mph Thu night

Hi: 62 Lo: 37

Mostly sunny; Cooler; NW wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 56 Lo: 37

Bright sunshine; Cool; Pleasant Halloween

Hi: 62 Lo: 32

Some extra clouds; Maybe a passing daytime sprinkle; Still nice

Further Out

Monday - Clear; Chilly; Frost likely Monday night; High in the lower 50s; Low in the lower 30s
Tuesday - Mostly sunny; Not as cool; High in the upper 50s; Low in the mid 30s

Forecast Discussion

Hurricane Zeta is scheduled to make landfall along the Louisiana coast this afternoon as a category-two hurricane. From there, it will accelerate to the northeast, crossing the Southern Appalachians Thursday morning then on into Virginia during the afternoon.

Rain will be increasing today, with the steadiest/heaviest rainfall coming tonight and Thursday morning. Gusty southerly winds of 20-40 mph will be likely Thursday morning as Zeta makes its closest point of approach.

There will be rapid improvement by Thursday afternoon as the low center pulls away to the northeast. Sunshine will break through giving temperatures a major boost during the afternoon.

A cold front follows Thursday night, paving the way for a much cooler continental air mass to invade for Friday. Clear, cool weather will be with us for Halloween.

Another mostly dry cold front comes through on Sunday with some extra clouds and perhaps a passing light shower or sprinkles. An even cooler air mass will then arrive for Sunday night and Monday. Widespread frost will likely follow suit for early next week.


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