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Current Conditions
Roaring River

Temp: 47.5°F
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Roaring River , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Friday, March 23, 2018 at 12:55PM

Seasonably Cool Friday; Wintry Weekend

Expect plenty of sunshine this afternoon followed by an increase in cloudiness tonight. It won’t be as chilly, but temperatures will still run nearly 10-degrees below normal for afternoon highs. Snow develops Saturday morning, transitioning to a wintry mix and just plain rain. For details about snow accumulations, see our March Ain't Over Snow Totals graphic. Light rain and drizzle on Sunday could conclude as some freezing drizzle Sunday night..

The 2019 Blue Ridge Parkway Calendar Photo Contest is underway. You can submit photos til March, 26. We wanted to keep the momentum going from this year's calendar. So, we'll start now and have calendars on store shelves sooner than ever before.


Hi: 54 Lo: 33

Mostly sunny; Mostly cloudy Friday night; NW wind 5-10 mph becoming calm tonight

Hi: 38 Lo: 33

Cloudy with snow developing; Snow transitioning to a wintry mix then all rain by Saturday night; Light SE wind becoming NE at night

Hi: 39 Lo: 29

Cloudy & cold with spotty drizzle or light rain; Some freezing drizzle possible Sunday night; NE wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 47 Lo: 31

Decreasing cloudiness; Chilly

Hi: 54 Lo: 38

Partly sunny; Not as cool

Further Out

Wednesday - Partly sunny; Much milder; High in the mid 60s; Low in the upper 40s
Thursday - Mostly cloudy with showers likely; Mild; High in the upper 60s; Low in the upper 40s

Forecast Discussion

Canadian high pressure is in control of the weather this afternoon. It will maintain cool conditions while allowing for ample sunshine.

Low pressure will head out into the central Plains later today and will jet eastward over the weekend, passing to our south and east by Sunday. Clouds will return tonight, followed by precipitation streaking out ahead of the low along its warm front early Saturday.

It will be cold enough in the morning for some snow, transitioning to a mix then rain. Some light accumulations appear likely.

A strong cold air damming episode unfolds on Sunday as a new Canadian high wedges down the eastern slopes of the mountains. It will keep the weather damp and cold. It’s possible that leftover light rain and drizzle on Sunday ends as freezing drizzle Sunday night.

Unseasonably chilly weather continues on Monday as the wedge remains intact. Finally, we start to moderate after that. We’ll be back to seasonal norms by the middle of next week.


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"The reader is not permitted to reproduce, retransmit, redistribute any weather data, forecasts, analysis, image, or any other product from this site to any other person or entity, in any format by any means. All information, data, and images contained on any page of this site are copyrighted by RaysWeather.Com, Inc. (unless otherwise noted) and is the property of RaysWeather.Com, Inc. Information, data, and images from this site may not be archived or stored for future use. Exceptions to this condition of use may only be made by express, written permission of RaysWeather.Com." See our Terms and Conditions page.

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